Welcome to Rookie Rotorheads. This podcast is for the rookie and student helicopter pilots out there who want to learn all they can about the flight schools and career paths available to them. I will be interviewing veteran pilots, flight schools, and companies who help rookie pilots ‘get off the ground’. I am excited to get started, so stay tuned and check back often for our first episode. I will be interviewing a 10 year veteran who is currently a HEMS pilot.



At little about me:

I am currently a security consultant and also own an aerial photography business (to help fund my flying addiction). I worked 15 years as a police officer and served 10 years on a volunteer fire department. I have been married to my beautiful wife Geneine since 2001 and we have two sons, Damon & Janson.

I do have my private pilot helicopter license and am only a few hours away from completing my commercial rating. So, this podcast is my way to be a part of the helicopter industry and serve my fellow rookie pilots.

Helping Rookie Pilots Reach the Top